Business Analytics

About this Course

This course is all about understanding Decision Making, Data Interpretation and Analysis through real time case scenarios and Practical Sessions.

All the video tutorials are in simple English and Technical jargon have not been used. Real life case scenarios have been used as examples to explain each and every topic.

This course has been made in length keeping in mind the broad array to topics that encompasses the entire Decision Making Ability and Data Interpretation. The entire course has been broken down into 30 Sections comprising of 103 tutorial videos giving a clear picture on the various features of Decision Making.

This entire course can be covered in 12 to 14 days depending on the speed of the students.

The entire course is broken down into several topics and each topic has a short video tutorial of 2 minutes explaining the topic in clear details.

This course is very helpful for students or working professionals or managers who has to take decisions in their workplace. This course will clearly guide them how they can take good decisions with the help of analyzing data. From this course they will understand optimal utilization of resources and several team work process which is critical in decision making process.

What will you learn
  • Understanding Data and have a clear concept on decision making process.Have a sound knowledge on various problem solving tools and approaches.


No prior knowledge on any Decision Based Topic or Software is needed.


  • 10 Sections