SAS Programming

About this Course

The following topics will be covered as part of this series. Each topic is described in detail with hands-on exercises done on SAS Studio to help students learn with ease. We will cover all the practical details that you need to know to get started with SAS along with the data manipulation, extraction, merging, SQL and macros.

The topics that we will cover in this course are as follows:
- Introduction to SAS
- The Procedure step in SAS
- Subsetting in SAS
- Sorting and finding the unique values in SAS
- Table creation in SAS
- Descriptive statistics in SAS
- Exporting and Importing datafiles in SAS
- Formats and Functions in SAS
- Appending and Merging of data sets in SAS
- Structured Query Language (SQL) in SAS using Proc SQL
- Data Manipulation and Joining using Proc SQL
- SAS Macros

What will you learn
  • Students will have a good working knowledge on SAS Programming and can use it for their Educational as well as Business projects and assignments.


No prior knowledge on SAS or any other software is needed.


  • 14 Sections