Terms and Conditions

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Jobs and Placements

OrangeTree Global does not guarantee any kind of job with the program. We will endeavour to help and provide assistance to students in this regard. Such assistance is only in the form of Job Updates on our website and Resume Architecture Sessions which are to be scheduled for the candidate within the duration of the program. Incase suitable vacancies are present with our placement partners candidates would be shortlisted and informed. Students who are seeking placement assistance must clear the OrangeTree Global BIBA Certification Exam. No student will be certified unless they pass BIBA exam. A student must score fifty per cent across all modules to be eligible for the BIBA Certification. A student can appear for the BIBA exam a maximum of 3 times. The exam fee for the 1st attempt has been included in the course fee. For subsequent attempts, students have to register for the exam with a fee of two thousand rupees. All students must give the exam within one month of the course completion. 

Make Up Classes

Make up classes may be given to a student only on weekdays at our discretion. Make up classes will not be conducted on weekends. A student can avail a maximum of 2 make up classes in a month and a total of 5 make up classes during the entire program. While every effort will be made by the organisation to ensure a student covers classes he/she has missed, please note OrangeTree Global is not under any obligation to give any make up classes. Only requests from students who have sent in a mail request 24 Hours prior to missing the class will be entertained. No make up classes will be given post the last date of the program. Make up sessions cannot be given to students missing over 6 consecutive classes. Such students will have to request a new batch. Make up classes will not be given to students who have transferred batches. In case you have opted for and discounted or free sessions Make Up Sessions will not be granted. 


Payment must be received and cleared prior to attending the course. A late fine of Rupees Two Hundred per Day on the amount will be levied as a late fee. Cheque Bounces are a criminal offence. The organisation views cheque bounces with serious contempt. A fine of two thousand rupees would be charged for all cheques returned/ not honoured. Once registered a student is obliged to pay the entire course fee for which he/she is enrolled for. The company has the legal right to pursue any incomplete payment. Any payments once made will not be refunded or adjusted against any other students payments due to the organisation. Students not completing payments as per the dates committed will not be allowed to attend classes are liable to face and legal action and bear the cost arising out of such decision. Students leaving the course midway and not completing the full payment of the course fee also agree to face legal action. All courses and certification need to be complete within 1 year from the date of registration. Students not completing the course or certification will need to register for the exam again. This is an extra cost they agree to bear.The organisation will not consider requests for make up classes and post the official date of completion of the batch

Batch Transfers and Training

We always endeavour to accommodate our student requests; most of our courses have limited numbers of seats to maximise the interactivity between students and consultants. Cancellations or transfers at short notice cause inconvenience and may jeopardise the commercial viability of a course and may not be entertained. Students missing lectures or arriving late do so at the risk of not completing vital portions of the course material. Upgrades to future courses will be made at the rate applicable at the time of upgrade. Course downgrade will not be entertained. OrangeTree Global reserves the right to shift an enrolled student from an ongoing batch to another batch. Requests for specific consultants will not be entertained. Requests for batch transfers will not be entertained and if permitted would be chargeable at Rupees Five Thousand. Student looking at completing the same program in a different city would be charged an Rupees Eight Thousand. Students who are transferring to a new batch will not be eligible for any make up sessions.  A student must complete his/ her payment in full before the transfer if granted. Students enrolled in Classroom Sessions may shift to online in a different city through a payment of Rupees Ten Thousand Only. Batch downgrades are not permitted and refunds concerning the same are not provided.


The BIBA Certification must be given within 3 months or 90 days of completion of the course or within one year of registration for the program. Within this period it is complimentary. A fee of Rupees Six Thousand will be charged for any requests post 90 days.

Property and Infrastructure

The use of Pen Drives is strictly prohibited. The organisation will not be liable for any kind of loss in data. We do not provide any software. Students will be liable to compensate any loss or damage to institute property such as Laptops, Desktops, CPUs, Chairs, Tables, and desks etc.

The terms and conditions of this document are legally binding.